life’s not so big moments

Life’s big moments. You’d expect them to be big right? Grand gestures. Huge decisions. Exciting epiphanies. 

But no. Life’s big moments often hinge around small things.

Like quiet conversations over a cuppa that result in a “did we just make that decision?” ending that from the outside would look like a regular catchup.

Or like posting an innocent looking envelope knowing inside its implications are huge. But it doesn’t look big on the outside. You can pause, do the “in-out” action with the envelope before the big red mouth swallows it up for good, but there’s no fanfare or swelling music like you get in the movies.

Or rather than huge bouquets of expensive flowers or huge declarations of love, its a simple bunch of daffodils or a cup of tea made un-requested; that let you know you are loved, cared for, thought of. 

It’s the small things that make a difference. What small things can I do today? Maybe the harassed lady I pass in the street just needs a warm smile, or a friend I’ve not seen for a while needs a text. 

Don’t underestimate the small things. Either when they happen to you, or when they’re all you can manage to do for other people. In fact seek them out. 

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” – Mother Theresa


About bethanywheeler

I'm Bethany, a thirtysomething wife and mum. I love my family, my friends and my church, and I'm passionate about being part of them becoming all they were created to be. I'm a talker. Hopefully I listen in equal measure. I love a good debate about real stuff, but only if it results in a list of actions!
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