how busy is too busy?

So it’s been way too long since I last wrote a blog. What can I say, life’s too busy. I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed recently with how busy my life is. The question is, how busy is too busy? When you don’t get to bed before 11 any night? When you get a “date night” once every few months? When sitting down with a cup of tea and a book is a real treat? When a whole weekend with no ‘appointments’ is so rare it feels kinda wrong?

Or are all of these things just the reality of life? Life’s for living right? So being busy living it is good. Of course, like anything it’s a balance. You need to not be getting run down, and different people have different levels of need for “rest”. But then, often doing stuff for other people requires some amount of sacrifice, putting yourself out for someone else is a big part of friendship in my mind, e.g., having that friend come round for a catch up on an afternoon when you could just use a half hour to yourself because you know it will do them, and you, good.

My brother once said to me “if you’re not tired, you’re not busy enough”. That reflects the amazing way he lives his life – he and his wife (and children) are constantly, daily giving of themselves to other people; opening up their home and lives, sharing what they have and know of God. And they are a true inspiration to me, I often wish I was more like them! Then I make excuses, saying that the way I was made means I “need” more time to myself than they do, that if I did what they did I would get so run down I’d be ill. But the truth is, they do none of it in their own strength, the energy they have comes from God, from the knowledge that they are doing the work that He has given them to do. So maybe it’s that I need more of, and its nothing to do with a simple matter of personality differences.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, we are all made differently, and as a naturally slightly introverted person my refreshment often comes from taking time out to be by myself, even if its just my cycle ride to work; whereas others get their energy from being around people. But, when I start using that as an excuse, something to hide behind, then I’m putting myself before others – which isn’t what I’m here for!

So my two-fold conclusion is to a) not compare myself to other people, but just be me! and b) to view sacrificing “me-time” for a friend as a really positive thing, and to trust that I’ll always have enough energy to do it!

About bethanywheeler

I'm Bethany, a thirtysomething wife and mum. I love my family, my friends and my church, and I'm passionate about being part of them becoming all they were created to be. I'm a talker. Hopefully I listen in equal measure. I love a good debate about real stuff, but only if it results in a list of actions!
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